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Petrochemical products and materials

Providing a rapid global supply of petrochemical products and materials.

Applying our analytical prowess to assess the suitability of goods and utilizing our logistical strengths to match customers with suppliers, we locate sources that meet our customers' needs to rapidly supply the highest quality petrochemical products and materials, using the products of Maruzen Petrochemical Group as well as a range of domestic and overseas products.

If existing products don't meet your needs, we will send feedback to Maruzen Petrochemical Group to inform them of the need for new product development.

For customers who have specific products that they wish to sell, we analyze market trends and review commodity values to suggest new markets to be exploited, and assist with sales promotion as a partner. Moreover, we will help you with application development and added-value creation for existing products, and work with you to structure a business plan. For the future, we are proactively seeking to enter the fine chemicals area with the goal of achieving greater customer satisfaction in new areas.

Lines of business in each department

Sales Dept. - 1 Products of Maruzen Petrochemical Co.,Ltd
(Solvents(MEK・・・), chemicals(POP, DCPD・・・), ethylene glycols, others ) 
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Sales Dept. - 2 Halides, thiols, pharmaceutical additives, MTBE,
glycol ether, dioxane, propylene carbonate,
para ethylphenol, others
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Rosin derivatives, petroleum resins,
synthetic resins(PE, PP・・・), elastomer,
industrial materials(paper bags, flexible containers・・・), others
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Osaka Branch All products mentioned above (in Kansai area) Click for product list
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